Hi Fam! Some of you may have noticed last year I was posting Wedding Wednesday reels on Instagram. I remember being a bride and being so overwhelmed! There’s so much to learn and research and trying to decide what’s necessary and what’s not. It’s a lot! Also! Let’s be honest, The Knot and other wedding blogs are not always the best source of information.

I stopped doing the reels, because:

A. making a 30 second video that’s educational is tough

B.  I take a damn good selfie, but my video game is  a w k w a r d

C. No one just wants to hear tips from a photographer

Sooooooo, I reached out to my absolute favorite Metro Detroit wedding industry leaders in for their help! Each week, (fingers crossed) I will have a leader from a different industry to help give you wedding planning tips, tricks and wisdom nugggets! First Up:

Derek Hall from The Block Party

Erin Schmidt Photography | Metro Detroit Wedding Photographers

Derek is a vibe setter and party builder along side his associate Wes and they are two of my favorite MCs. I mean, last time I worked with Derek, the bride and groom were crowd surfing literally 15 minutes into their dance floor opening and I cried. Last time I worked with Wes? I also cried LOL.

You’re not going to want to miss this one! Check back next Wednesday to get your wedding music info!

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