The Experience

Nope, I don't edit "dark and moody", or "light + airy". My couples don't have orange skin and I don't photograph your wedding party peeking out of your wedding band, or whatever Pinterest trend is going on that year. 
I want your photos to be timeless.  I want you to love them so much 50 years from now and not think, "ugh, remember, that's what everyone was doing in 2024?!"  Of course if there's a pose you've seen that you'd like to try, you're the boss, but I try to keep things custom to you as a couple.

I unapologetically Do not follow trends


My goal is to document your day authentically to who you are as a couple. When working with my couples, I utilize loose direction.  Meaning, I will give you a directive like wrap your arms around each other.  If it looks awkward, I'll fix it, otherwise I'll leave it, because I want it to be as natural to you as a couple.  With this, I really feel my work is custom to each couple.  When I edit, I do not retouch things that are uniquely you. I promise, you will look fantastic in your photos without me photoshopping anything.

It's you + your love.  Just as you are


I call my couples "my couples" and not my clients, because they are so much more than clients.  I think it's important to be emotionally invested with who I'm working with, because your wedding is such an important day and I'll be with you for uniquely intimate moments.  Through questionnaires, emails, following each other on social media (if you have or care about that), engagement sessions or meeting if you are looking for those, it give us an opportunity to connect.  Connection isn't just important for me, but when we know each other and are comfortable with each other, it helps you build trust in me.  



After the party's over.  After the last slice of cake is gone and you've hung your gown or suit up, all that's left are your memories and photos.  This is where it all gets heavy.  These smiles, hugs, tears can live on forever through photography and I come from a place where investing in photography is the best thing you can do for yourself.  The day and these moments go by so fast and it's so important to have someone highly skilled behind the camera capturing it all.

These are your memories. 
Your family heirlooms.


Erin's 8 hour wedding day package starts at $5,800, though her average wedding couple spends $6,300-$7,500.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many images do you deliver from a wedding?

Minimally 75-100 images/hour, but usually more, especially with a second photographer.  Due to the nature of being a storyteller, I don't cap it off at any number of images

Do I need a Second Photographer?

Not necessarily!  Though you do get more photos if you have a second photographer.
If your wedding day coverage is 9 hours, a very large wedding party, or more or have over 200 guests, I ask that you do.  However, if it's outside of your budget, I can absolutely shoot alone and do it quite often!

Do you edit all of the photos?

Yes!  All photos you receive will be high resolution images edited in my style.  In other words, they'll look like they do on my website!

As I said above, all images will be touched up and you will look fantastic in every photo.  However, sometimes thing do happen that are of our control and outside of general editing work.  Advanced editing may be available at an hourly rate if applicable.  

What if I didn't like my hair/makeup, my brother got the wrong color shoes, my esthetician burnt my eyebrow, I don't like my arms, I'd like my uncle photoshopped in since he couldn't be there?

Have you ever shot at my venue?

Probably!  And if I haven't, please know I will do an amazing job!  I've shot all over the world in all types of lighting scenarios, so if I take your day, please know I will rock it!

When do you shoot engagement sessions?

Due to my heavy wedding schedule, I photograph engagement sessions Monday-Thursday evenings.   I am available to travel outside of Michigan for engagement sessions for an additional travel fee.

Do you shoot video?  Or do you have a favorite video team?

No, I do not shoot video, but I'd be happy to refer you to some friends who are amazing!

I don't live in Detroit.  Can you still shoot my wedding or session?

YES!  I love to travel and find new destinations so inspiring, so take me with you!  I've shot all over the world and my travel fee is very reasonable (in fact, I may even waive it for a few spots on my bucket list!)


You were able to please both of our parents which was quite a difficult task. We have heard nothing but praise about your photos and will be recommending you to everyone we know!


Everyone’s personalities were apparent in the photos but in an elevated and beautiful way. She has a knack of making you look like yourself but better. We have received endless compliments on our photos and absolutely love them ourselves. 


She’s not JUST a photographer- she’s a strong, professional, passionate, and fierce hype woman! She is hands down the best investment from our wedding.