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My business journey

I got a lot of questions about how I started and what gear/software I use, so here’s my post about a few of my favorite things! My Gear I shot with Nikon for yeeeeears, but 4 years ago I switched to Fuji mirrorless and never looked back. The colors are chef’s kiss! Check out this […]

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My Gear – Tips for photographers

Top 10 Downtown Detroit wedding venues

I’ve been in business a loooooooongggggg time. 2022 will be my 10th wedding season. I’ve learned a ton along the way, but I have to continue to keep reminding myself of things. I recently forgot one of these mistakes and made it again, which inspired me to make this guide! Starting a business is TOUGHHHHHHHHHH, […]

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My 5 Biggest Business Mistakes

A photo of a bunch of bridesmaids in pink robes on a hotel bed in the background as a photographer dressed all in black takes their photo.

A lot of non industry wedding people don’t know it, but probably in my eyes the only negative of wedding photography is harassment.  Yup.  This blog post is called the Dark Side and it’s getting dark.

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For Photographers: The Dark Side

Erin Schmidt Photography | Tips for photographers | The Dark Side

We need to push ourselves.  If not for us, but for our clients. 

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For Photographers: Push It

E Schmidt Photography | For Photographer's photo tips | authentic photography advice | Push It

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