There will be tears.

There will be questioning whether operating your own business is worth it.

For Photographers

For Photographers: Chin up, Buttercup

Hey, it’s me!  Bokeh podcast asked me to come and chat about my tips on how to beat busy season burn out

For Photographers

For Photographers: Tips to fight busy season burnout

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After years of people asking to mentor and for me to throw a workshop, I’m finally doing it!

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The YOU in photography workshop 2018

E Schmidt Photography | Photography workshop | metro detroit wedding photographer

How do you relight that fire and get your groove back?! Here are a few tips to help you get inspired when you’re feeling a bit burnt out.

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For Photographers | How to get your Groove back

Photographing family formals are historically a chaotic time during the wedding day.

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For Photographers | Quick Tips for perfect Family Formal Photos

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