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After years of people asking to mentor and for me to throw a workshop, I’m finally doing it!  Mark your calendars for March 2018!

Who: ME!  And you and about 7 of your friends!  All photographers are welcome, but we will be focusing on my specialties: wedding and lifestyle photography (newborn and family)

What: A workshop, but it’s more than that.  It’s a revamp!  Rethink your business, get back to your why and learn some secrets to make your life easier.  Oh, and you’ll get a brand spankin’ new head shot by yours truly!  We’re gonna go over EVERYTHING!

We will be going over:

  • finding your niche
  • the importance of branding
  • marketing
  • walking you through a shoot from first contact until image delivery
  • social media and the art of free advertising
  • equiptment
  • pricing
  • website critique
  • professional headshots taken by moi
  •  weddings
  • self care and work/life balance
  • continued learning
  • shooting with your guts
  • perfecting your craft
  • And so much more!

Where: This year, my studio in Plymouth, Michigan.  I’m hoping in future years to be able to host workshops in other states and countries!

When: March 2018 – date to be released Black Friday!

Why:  Because whether it’s the end of your season and your burnt out or you’re just starting your business, let’s hang, laugh and rebuild together.

How: Details will be released Black Friday!

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  2. Kelly Wolf says:

    I’d love to receive a notification about your workshop once details are released.

  3. Amber says:

    Can you give me some information on this? The dates and do we travel there, or is it online type workshop?

  4. Megan says:

    Have the details for this workshop been released yet? Thanks!

  5. MArk Nowak says:

    Good Morning.. please send any info you have thank you.

  6. Kelsey Breen says:


    Is the workshop full? If not, can I get some more details?

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  8. Eula Li says:

    your article is awesome.

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