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There she is.  My little lamb chop.  My baby, Norah.  Though at almost 14 months old, I guess I can’t really call her a baby anymore.  As she’s grown and I have to keep reminding myself that she’s now considered a toddler, I have become extra nostalgic.  This is a personal post today, though, it’s kind of a ‘do as I say, don’t do as I do’.  You see, being a photographer, I figured, “hey, I’m going to photograph my own newborn photos”.  For me, I thought it would be more personal (since it’s my craft and artistic outlet) and I wasn’t quite sure how I would be physically feeling after.  Dumb.  All Dumb.  Throughout this blog post will be the 4, yes, 4 photos I have of Norah and I in the entire first two months of her life (most of which are selfies and one of which I look down right frightening).

E Schmidt Photography | Metro Detroit Newborn PhotographerI never ended up scheduling my newborn photo session.  Time waits for no one.  I got busy.  I didn’t like my hair that day.  Etc. Etc. Etc.  Even with thousands of dollars worth of equipment and several friends who would have done it, I didn’t schedule it and time went by.  If you’re on the fence about scheduling a newborn session, just do it.  Let someone else capture your love for your family.  Let someone take care of you.  Or even a Your First Year package – someone will show up every few months and get the photos as your little grows (and bonus, you get to be in photos! *And they won’t be selfies!)  I eventually wised up and set aside the time and hired a photographer to capture my family just as we are and they are absolutely priceless to me.  End PSA ;)   *But scroll down if you want to see one of my favorite photos of Norah and I as shot by my fab friend Kendra Koman. E Schmidt Photography | Metro Detroit Newborn Photographer

E Schmidt Photography | Metro Detroit Newborn Photographer

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